Znajdź swój apartament na Fuerteventurze

99% of our guests book a car from home and pick it up on landing at the airport, drop it off at the same location before departure. Car prices are surprisingly low, starting at just € 10 per day. The roads on Fuerteventura are very good, there is little traffic and a lot to see.

When booking a rental car:

  • You save by not having to spend money on a transfer
  • You move freely all over the island
  • You can discover beautiful long wild beaches
  • You have the chance to see a lot of amazing places that you can't get to without a car

... when you rent a car, you have full freedom and don't have to jostle between other tourists, for example on buses

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Zapisz się, otrzymasz kod rabatowy i bądź na bieżąco z najlepszymi ofertami.